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Frequently Asked Questions

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If the ice breaks and no one has the exact minute how do you determine the winner?

If no one guesses the exact minute, the next closest minute on either side of the exact minute will be the winning time.

How thick is the ice when the Tripod goes out?

We are unable to measure the ice due to river conditions. When we stop taking ice measurements we have determined that the ice is no longer safe.

What happens if the Tripod tips over and does not stop the clock?

The ice is not officially out, we wait until the Tripod moves 100 ft downstream and stops the clock. Once the clock has stopped, we determine who the winner(s) are.

Can I purchase a ticket over the phone via Credit Card?

For the Nenana Ice Classic 2023 season, we will not be accepting Credit Card transactions. We hope to offer this option in the coming years!

When filling out our tickets do we need to adjust for Daylight Savings Time?

You need to remember that the clock that is attached to the Tripod is set to Alaska Standard Time. At one time Alaska was in 4 different time zones so it was decided to use Alaska Standard Time.

What happens if the ice goes out before we are finished entering the tickets into the data base?

We cannot determine a winner until all of the tickets are entered into the data base, therefore we cannot notify any winners until we have finished entering all of the guesses. Once we have finished, we notify the winner(s).

Can people from outside the state of Alaska participate in the Ice Classic?

Yes, people from all over the world participate in the Nenana Ice Classic. However, the tickets must be purchased in the State of Alaska. Due to Alaska Gaming regulations, we cannot mail the tickets. In order to participate you can mail your list of guesses along with $3.00 per guess to the Nenana Ice Classic office. We will gladly fill out the tickets for you. For more information on purchasing Nenana Ice Classic tickets click on Tickets tab.

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