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The Nenana Ice Classic


What is the Nenana Ice Classic?

The Ice Classic is Alaska's greatest guessing game! 

In Nenana during1917 a group of engineers surveying for the Alaska Railroad bet $800 putting in their guesses when the river would break up. This fun little guessing game has turned into an incredible tradition that has now continued for over 100 years! 

Buy and turn in your $3.00 ticket between February 1st and April 5th to be involved in this long running Alaskan tradition. 

Good luck! 

2023 Winning Time:
May 8th, 4:01 PM AST

Must be 18 years or older to purchase tickets. 

Live Webcam View of the Tanana River


Camera provided by: TecPro

Deployment & Broadcast by: Borealis Broadband

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