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The Ice Offically Broke Up and Stopped the Clock on:
Monday April 27th,
at 12:56 PM Alaska Standard Time.

The Jackpot for the 2020 Nenana Ice Classic is $125,000 - this is due to the lack of ticket sales caused by Covid 19.

We are finished!

Thank you for being so patient while we worked through the process!

There are 5 winning tickets!

Tony Cowley-Purchased at Safeway Palmer
Jennifer DeGuzman-Purchased at Safeway Seward Hwy Anchorage
Kyle Gardner-Purchased at Nenana Ice Classic Office
Marie A Nichols-Purchased at AC Company Cordova
Wrestlers United Pool-Purchased at Nenana Ice Classic Office

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners!

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The webcam image below updates every 30 seconds. Be sure to hit the Refresh button on your browser to see the latest image.
The Date and Time stamp across the top are not the official time of the Nenana Ice Classic.

Camera provided by TecPro.  Deployment by Borealis Broadband