As of April 17, 2015

The Tanana River at the Tripod is solid from bank to bank, no open water in sight. We were starting to see dark spots on the ice, showing signs that the ice is beginning to rot. There is also surface water starting to show on the banks of the river. Up river from the Tripod approximately 1 mile, there is open water on the south bank of the river, and holes are forming in the ice with water running through the holes.

The Nenana River is beginning to open up. There are large holes opening and we are thinking that the Nenana River will go out within the next 3-4 days. The Nenana River generally breaks up a week or so before the Tanana River. The Tripod sits on the Tanana River.

The temperatures have been in the mid to upper 40's during the day. On Thursday April 16th, the temps stayed above freezing in the evening, so the ice did not refreeze that evening. The temperatures are supposed to reach the upper 50's and into the low 60's during the day and staying above freezing in the evenings. If the temperatures reach the mid 50's and into the 60's this weekend, we will see the ice start to changing rapidly.

We are no longer taking ice measurements due to the condition of ice.

We will update this page as changes occur to the ice on the Tanana River.